Interview with Lynn @ My Tackie Tees

Lynn and the My Tackie Tees team are making an awesome statement in their hometown of Detroit Michigan. It’s one that focuses on entrepreneurship, creativity, persistence and supporting others. What I enjoyed most about my interview with Lynn was not just her sound understanding and focus on the operational aspects of building a brand, but her clear focus on helping others through their ongoing support of the Autism Alliance of Michigan. Open up the My Tackie Tees website and take a look at their imagery on Instagram as you listen to this interview. Lynn and her husband have built something that is not only stylish and creative, but also something that illustrates their ongoing commitment and connection to the people of Michigan and beyond.

My Tackie Tees. Representing Detroit Michigan

My Tackie Tees. Representing Detroit Michigan

From Lynn:

My Tackie Tees, LLC® is a family owned clothing brand. We are proud supporters of the Autism Alliance of Michigan. Detroiters are Better Made. What can we say? We love fashion, quality clothing and shopping; oh do we love shopping. We also love to be creative and design. This clothing line took years of thought and preparation. We wanted to feel the need to wear the product that we designed, and what I mean by that is we ALL have the one shirt, that one item that we can't live without..... we wanted to design tees and accessories that made you want to put them on each time you stepped into the closet (that's what I do). I get the feeling to wear My Tackie Tees wherever I go and we hope that you will too.

In hearing stories like this, my hope for all you entrepreneurs out there is that you find something that you can connect with on a deeper, personal level, just like Lynn and her husband have with My Tackie Tees. Remember to check them out at and on Instagram @mytackietees.

We’ve got more interesting interviews lined up, so come back often to listen in on our next chat with another unique brand owner.