Interview with Pedro @ Just Wayuu

Talking to Pedro provided a refreshing reminder of why it is so important to find something that you enjoy doing everyday, despite the inherent risks and work involved. By tapping into his background in graphic design along with his need to give back to the Wayuu community, Pedro has set Just Wayuu apart as a truly inspirational brand. While you take a look at his website and Instagram pages, listen in to hear more about the various motivations that lead him to start his exciting journey.

Wayuu Team

From Pedro:

Just Wayuu was born in La Guajira Colombia, as the dream of connecting the local traditions of the Wayuu with the rest of the world, became a possibility. A designer with Wayuu ancestry, teamed up with some of the most skilled Wayuu artisans in the region to create unique authentic pieces that showed the exquisite finesse of Wayuu artisan goods.

Thanks for listening in. It would be great to hear other stories, similar to Pedro’s, which highlight a designers focus on giving back. This approach in itself can make a brand stand out, and in parallel, accelerate their growth as we see an increase in socially conscious buyers. In the meantime, keep an eye on Pedro and his awesome work via his website at and on Instgram at @Just.Wayuu.

As always, stay tuned for our next interview which will feature a chat with another unique brand owner.